Featuring: TJmaxx Jumpsuit, Thrifted sweater, Target booties

Photography: Chrissy Vensel

One of my favorite trends this year has been jumpsuits (fancy onesies!). Like dresses they’re the perfect lazy day solution, its one piece so there’s not much styling needed. Depending on how they’re styled they’re wearable to almost every occasion. I picked this jumpsuit up at Tjmaxx this summer and have been wanting to live in it everyday since. I’ve worn it with sandals, sneakers, heels, blazers, denim jackets, cardigans and it looks great each time.

Dear 1960s fashion gurus, thank you for this awesome trend! You knew what you were doing.








Woke up like this





Featuring H&M shirt, hightops and bag, Forever21 Trench, charlotte russe pants

Photography: Chrissy Vensel

I’m usually really good at waking up early in the morning but sometimes its a serious struggle. I could plan my outfits the night before but honestly that has never worked out for me, so on mornings like this my outfit consists of my go to pieces. In fall my go to pieces usually include a button down shirt (plaid,chambray, white…etc) and a pair of comfy pants.  I like changing up the wash of the pants, shoes and accessories depending on what I have planed for the day. If I know I’m gonna be on my feet a lot I’ll grab a light bag and some sneaks or flats, but on less busy days I might add a bit of a heel.

The contents of this outfit are messy hair, white shirt, trench, comfy pants, high-tops and some layered accessories.

Have a great week everyone! <3





Fall Fall Fall








Featuring: Everything: H&M, necklace: forever21 

Photography: Chrissy Vensel

It’s one of my most favorite time of the year. Fall! I’m so ready for some apple picking, hiking, running, bonfires, pretty trees, blankets, cozy sweaters, layers, tea and so much more. I realize a lot of the things I just listed can be applied to any season, but they’re all so much better in fall. Its one of the two seasons (spring being the other) that put a goofy smile on my face when I go out for walks and I love it.

My outfit consists of my obsession for lace, earthy colors and a lot of H&M. I will be wearing a lot of dresses with booties this fall, its my new favorite trend. Yay for dresses in the fall!


Bricks and alleys

Photography by: Sarah May

Hello everyone, meet my beautiful friend Angelina Lalama AKA The Lama! She’s one of the most loving, passionate,  funniest and beautiful people I know and I’m blessed to call her friend. Everyone truly needs a friend like her! She’s an artist and makes beautiful paintings and drawings that I wouldn’t do justice describing with my words alone (I’ll try to do a post this week of just her and her art).She just came back to the states after doing a six month internship in the the beautiful land of Brasil.  Needless to say we had a fun time wondering around Main st. Manchester and just catching up.

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Sports Season

Photography by: Sarah May

Warmer weather means outdoor sports seasons! What better place to wear a letterman jacket than at a sports event. It’ll keep you warm and you can always support your team with the colors  you choose. Having grown up in Storrs CT for a great part of my life kind of automatically makes me a UCONN Husky fan, so the blue (couldn’t find a navy blue one) and white are the perfect colors.

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