Military March

Featuring: H&M shirt, H&M booties, forever21 pants, Kohls necklace 

Photos by: Sarah May

Military jackets are so fun to style and I’m so glad m sister has held on to this one for as long as she has. She’s had this jacket for so long (since middle school) that she doesn’t even remember where she got it. Recently though, I’ve been finding pieces of clothing that I wore way back when that are wearable and still trendy. It’s so funny how some trends just always come back in style, this is why it’s good to hold on to some pieces. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m in no way promoting hoarding!! It’s good to hold on to pieces that are valuable and you feel you’ll keep wearing but it’s also good to know when to let go. Every year I clean out my closet and get rid of clothes that I don’t wear and or have no value to me. Give them to someone who’ll actually use and value them.

I really like this jacket because it’s so light, which makes it a great layering piece. I paired it with my super comfy long h&m white button down, darker pants and brown booties. If I had to choose one type of accessory, a necklace would definitely be my accessory of choice. I’ve been trying but I don’t really wear rings or earrings that much,  I like purses but I think its only because I have to carry all my stuff in something so might as well make it something cute.  There are some really beautiful shoes out there and I appreciate their beauty but  if I had a choice (and if I could control the weather, it was socially acceptable, and I always had a perfect walking surface) I would forever walk barefoot. This is why I choose necklaces! I chose this beautiful necklace because paired with the button down it reminded me of a tie but a more feminine elegant tie that matched the buttons on my jacket and concluded the outfit perfectly.






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