Tartan Skirt: Part 1

View More: http://corrinesarah.pass.us/gl

View More: http://corrinesarah.pass.us/gl

Featuring: The Limited tartan skirt, Forever21 denim shirt dress, H&M sweater, H&M necklace

Photos by: Sarah May

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone hope you’re having a wonderful day!!! So excited for this post because it’s gonna start off a new series I’ll be doing on wearing one piece multiple ways. I asked a good friend of mine what she would like to see more of in a fashion blog and this is what she and a lot of others I’ve talked to have wanted to see. It’s so important to learn how to style pieces in your closet because it saves so much money in the long run. Feel free to be inspired by this new series and I encourage you to take the time and play around with the pieces in your closet. You’ll be surprised how creative you can get with you’re clothes.

In this outfit I wanted to match whatever items I was styling with the skirt to match the colors in the tartan color. I first put on the black sweater but it was too plain and school girl looking so I added the denim dress and black boots to add a little pow. My ball necklace from h&m was the icing on the cake. It came out a little more punk that I thought  but I love it.



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